After Aida Online Program

- A Comedy with Music -

by Julian Mitchell


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- The Story -

It’s 1879 and Giuseppe Verdi, Italy’s most beloved composer has not written an opera for nearly a decade. What is to be done? Verdi’s closest associates, publisher Giulio Ricordi and conductor, Franco Faccio are determined to get the maestro working again. With the aid of Verdi’s wife Giuseppina, they conspire to team him with the brilliant operatic wordsmith Arrigo Boito, and the greatest tragic opera ever written, “Otello” is conceived. But trouble is looming. Boito hasn’t always had nice things to say about Verdi. And at 66 years of age, the man himself isn’t sure he can cut it anymore.

- Meet The Cast - 

- Producers' Notes - 

On behalf of the entire cast, David and Adrian thank you for joining us for this  Reading/Concert of Julian Mitchell's 'After Aida'. This has been a project which was, not only, postponed by the Covid19 pandemic but is still being affected by it. Initially, we had hoped to fully stage it in 2020. And as rehearsals began, Melbourne went into its longest lockdown and we aborted the project all together. Needless to say, with all theatres and concert halls closed for a large part of two years everyone involved in this project had taken a huge hit artistically and financially. But being a resilient and determined bunch of artists, we all agreed to come together and mount this wonderfully witty play as a reading in concert firstly because we believed in this project, but secondly in the hope that other theatres and theatre companies could see the huge potential of fully staging this play as part of their future seasons. With the inclusion of operatic excerpts, the scope of this play is endless. In this iteration we are using  a piano to accompany the singers, but imagine how wonderful it would be to have a full orchestra accompanying the singers and supporting the actors as they deliver the scenes?

Originally, Adrian was the Music Director, leading the singers from the piano. But Bass-Baritone, Eddie Muliaumaseali'i sadly contracted Covid19 earlier this week, which meant that Adrian has to step into his place and we are lucky to have pianist and repetiteur, Jane Matheson step into accompanying the singing on 48 hours notice. We are grateful to Eddie for committing to this project and working hard throughout the rehearsal period; we wish him a speedy recovery. We also thank Jane so much for agreeing to joining the cast on stage to make this performance happen.

We would like to thank and acknowledge Rev. Grant Edgecumbe and Laurie Moore at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, East Melbourne who allowed us to use their church as a rehearsal venue. Thanks also to Greg Hocking and the team at the Athenaeum Theatre for hosting these performances. Special Thanks as well to Margot Gorski for her assistance in Public Relations and Vicki McKenzie with social media management. 

We sincerely hope you enjoy this performance of After Aida and we look forward to performing for you again soon.

Sincerely, David Meadows and Adrian Tamburini